Secure Authentication Anywhere

Your key to one swipe two-step authentication.

VIP at a glance

Push Authentication Requests

Don't want to enter a security code? Just swipe to approve a request.

Credential Wallet

Scan a QR code to securely generate security codes for your favorite websites like Google, Facebook, Github, and more.


Credentials are tamper-resistant and cannot be duplicated.

Security Codes

Added two-factor authentication for your favorite websites.

Protect your passwords, anywhere

A password is not enough to stop an attacker.

Two-factor authentication is easy to enable and prevents attacks. With just a swipe of a finger, or use of a security code, your information is secure.

Consolidate your Authenticator applications

A two-factor authentication credential wallet.

Your favorite websites offer secured authentication compatible with VIP. To begin, scan a QR code and security codes will be generated for that website every thirty seconds.